Become A Member

It was Plato who said “What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others” Are you a member of the Greek community of Pretoria? By virtue, anyone with Hellenic ancestry could say “yes” and politically speaking, they would be correct. But one needs to differentiate between being a member by association of your Hellenic heritage, and by being a member who has made a difference in our community. The former seems to outweigh the latter and so I ask, what does being a member of the community mean for you? By being a council member, one obtains insight into the community’s financial position. As a council we have realised the importance of making this information public so that the broader community can understand that we need R250 000 each month to cover our expenses.

The reason for this article is to highlight the importance of becoming a member of the Hellenic Community of Pretoria. The membership fees have contributed to building and maintaining our community, paying staff and looking after our benevolent, but of equal importance is the need to have a large base of members who we can communicate to and rely on for support. We are guided by the vision of creating a community that enriches the lives of its members through cultural unity. We strive to encourage our members to learn about their religion by going to church, to speak their language by going to Greek school, to learn how to dance by attending dancing lessons and to enjoy their own cuisine by having a meal at Filos.

Through these efforts, we actively try to unite all Hellenes living in Pretoria. We must not forget that our forefathers built our community on the principles of “lending a helping hand and supporting a fellow Hellene in need.” To read up more of the types of memberships, the rights and privileges of each membership please click here to read the HCP Constitution.
Membership fees for 2024 are R550.

If you are a member you’re eligible for various discounted rates e.g. Venue hire, weddings, baptisms, funerals, Greek School and Greek Dancing fees etc.

Your application will be reviewed and considered by the Council.