About us:

The Hellenic Community of Pretoria (HCP) was founded on the 1 July 1908, and was officially inaugurated under the chairmanship of George Golfinopoulos. Under the Main Council, the HCP oversees several committees including the Benevolent Committee, Church Committee, School Committee, and Dancing Committee. Additionally, the HCP has two Independent Committees, namely the Pretoria Hellenic Youth Committee (PHYC) and the Hellenic Sports Club Committee.

Today, the HCP has approximately 500 members, with about 100 pupils at three different school locations (Community School, Cornwall and St Paulus) as well as online and about 80 pupils learning traditional dances at the Community. We oversee the running of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation of the Theotokos (Mother of God), School, Dancing and Cultural Centre.

The HCP is a member of the Federation of Hellenic Communities and celebrates Greek ethnic and religious events.

HCP President and Vice President


Our 2023-2025 Council:

President – Joakim Efthimiades

Vice President – Dessie Papavarnava

Secretary – Gina Kyriazis

Vice Secretary – Basil Sdralis

Treasurer – Evan Kazantsas

Vice Treasurer – Harry Gouvelis

Committee Member – Dimitri Ioannou

Committee Member – Philip Voutsas

Committee Member – Nitsa Mavrikis

Committee Member – Michelangelo Kellaris

Committee Member – Krati Bogiages

Gina Kyriazis
Gina KyriazisSecretary
Evan Kazantsas
Evan KazantsasTreasurer
Harry Gouvelis
Harry GouvelisTreasurer
Philip Voutsas
Philip VoutsasMember
Michael Angelo
Michael AngeloMember
Krati Bogiages
Krati BogiagesMember

What We Believe:

The community is devoted in keeping Hellenism alive by:

🧿 Encouraging members to uphold and maintain our Orthodox religion, language, culture, heritage and traditions

🧿 Uphold and maintain the status of the Greek Community

🧿 Uphold and maintain the Greek School and Greek Dancing

🧿 Address future needs of the second, third, fourth generation of Hellenes and

🧿 Uphold the objectives as stipulated in our Constitution.




Our History

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For any enquiries, donations or assistance please contact our community office. Email office@behellenic.com or office2@behellenic.co.za.